Breaking Through (The Circuit) - Francisco Jiménez

IF YOU HAVE NEVER READ BREAKING THROUGH AND WANT TO READ IT DON"T READ THIS BECAUSE IT HAS SOME SPOILERS. The ending for Breaking Through was both predictable and surprising, because where Panchito was and how he was doing with school you could tell he might be going to collage and the surprising part was you were right about the prediction because in the end Panchito ends up going to collage. Even though this book had a lot of surprises you could predict the ending. What made me shocked in the chapter Still Moving made me shocked because Roberto and Darlene had a a baby girl, but besides that the ending was predictable.

In The Circuit, I feel the author wants us to learn how a migrant child lives and how they don't have nice beds like we do or have money where they can replace things and buy a lot of food and how many migrant children work lots of hours and get paid little.

Rorra reminds me of my sister because my sister took one of my $1 coin and I like keeping those and she just took it from me and spent it on a toy, then I got mad at her like Francisco got at Rorra when she spent it on candy.

I thought I would not like this book because in the beginning it was kinda good but then I started to read ahead at home and then I started to like it then I loved it and I like the cliff hanger so much I want to read the second book, and I would give this book a 5.


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